Ecobarrier Jellyfish Net DFN-50
Published on 06 May ‘19
Protecting water polo players from jellyfish
Ecobarrier Jellyfish Net DFN-50

The first edition of the International Men’s Beach Water Polo Tournament took place in front of Vista Mare Restaurant Complex on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai this past weekend.

As there has been higher occurrences of jellyfish blooms in UAE coastal waters lately, we were asked to manufacture and supply jellyfish nets to make the area safer for the water polo players.

Our marine protection barrier range includes a jellyfish net that is specifically designed for attachment to a floating recreational barrier. So, we retrofitted our temporary Ecobarrier Detachable Float Net to our Standard Recreational Barrier to act as a simple demarcation, ensuring excellent buoyancy for flotation at the same time. Our solution was attached to the existing water polo pitch pipes.

This solution worked well, because it allowed the event organizers to easily remove the barrier with net for storage after the tournament. It also means that our solution can be quickly re-installed for future tournaments.

Would you like to learn more? For further information on our custom-made swimming barriers and jellyfish nets (either permanent or removable), drop us an email or give us a call at +971 4 885 3944. 

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