RAK Marina – Pile refurbishment works

RAK Marina – Pile refurbishment works
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Ecocoast was recently awarded a contract to refurbish over 70 marine piles at a marina in Ras Al Khaimah. The works involve supply and installation of pile top covers, GRP pile caps and UHMW-PE pile sleeves.

What are UHMW-PE pile sleeves? UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) pile sleeves help increase the lifespan of marine piles and provide the best wear protection and corrosion resistance available. Ecocoast was the first to install UHMW-PE pile sleeves in the region last year.

The sleeves do not contain toxins that can leach into ecosystems or negatively impact water quality, unlike traditional methods such as heavy metal coatings, making them the ultimate environmentally-friendly solution.

Phase 1 – Supply & Installation of Pile Top Covers

The first phase of the project started about two weeks ago. The pile top covers were removed from the existing piles in the marina. New top covers are currently being fabricated. Coating and installation will be happening over the coming couple of weeks, ensuring corrosion prevention inside the piles.

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