Published on 28 Sep ‘16
SaveSorb: The 4-step marine protection solution

A guest post by Alexandra Addison, Co-Founder and Director at Pro-Earth. As mentioned in last week’s blogpost, Ecobarrier has partnered with Pro-Earth to distribute the SaveSorb marine product range in the region. In this post, Alexandra will go into more detail about the 4-step spill solution.

The 4-Step Marine Protection Solution: A Complete Range For All Your Marine Needs

SaveSorb products are hydrophobic (repel water) and the most effective way of containing and absorbing contaminants in marine and coastal environments. The 4-Step Marine Protection Solution is designed to offer protection, while helping companies save time and money. How?

Step 1 – Prevention: No one can stop accidents from happening. But we can prevent them from becoming expensive environmental incidents by identifying threats and deploying products that will contain and absorb contaminants fast. The Long-Term Marine Booms with Curtain can be deployed for up to 12 months in open water to provide the ultimate protection. Marine Mats have many uses, including protecting harbours from oil and fuel spills.

Step 2 – Containment & Absorption: Spills can be contained quickly and easily with Containment Socks. The socks can be linked together to form a containment barrier of any size, or used to contain spills from leaking boats, docks or shore releases.

Step 3 – Clear up: All SaveSorb products absorb oils, fuels and chemicals; no need for different products for different types of spills, saving you money.

Step 4 – Disposal: After use, SaveSorb stays dry so disposal is faster, easier, cleaner and lighter.

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