Ecobarrier Silt Curtains - Type II
Published on 28 Jan ‘16
Silt curtain frenzy
Ecobarrier Silt Curtains - Type II

With marine construction back in full swing around the Gulf, more and more Governments, municipalities, consultants and contractors are getting serious about marine protection. The installation of silt curtains during marine construction projects is now becoming a prerequisite for government and consultant approval.

For the last decade, the Ecobarrier team has been working hard to design (and redesign and redesign…) a range of silt curtains that offer the best solution for both the authorities and contractors. Key to our design process is ensuring each model is effective as a barrier to marine pollution (of course), and that they are the most cost effective and durable models available on the market. We understand how burdensome silt curtains are to contractors, both financially and logistically – and particularly how this cost can escalate when the wrong model is installed for the conditions.

This is why sound technical advice from experienced marine professionals is integral – particularly from a team (ie us!) who is a contractor, thinks like a contractor and can advise on the practical pros and cons of each model.  Although we don’t assume to know everything, so we’ve also been working in collaboration with contractors and dredging companies throughout our design process. We want to make using silt curtains on projects as easy as possible for contractors, and this means getting the design right from the start and constantly searching for the best quality and value for money materials so we can keep costs down.

With marine protection now well and truly on the agenda for marine construction projects, it’s more important for us than ever to work with contractors to ensure they are getting the right balance between effectiveness, price and logistics.

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