Trapbag® and Ecobag system for coastal protection
Published on 30 Apr ‘15
Trapbag® and Geobag system for coastal protection
Trapbag® and Ecobag system for coastal protection

Ecocoast has recently teamed up with the designers of Trapbag® from the USA to develop a new solution for coastal erosion protection. Trapbags were originally designed for emergency flood protection in the US, but they are also ideal for coastal protection works. Due to their speed of installation and cost effectiveness they are ideal as a quick solution to short term erosion protection or as part of a longer term emergency protection plan for one-off or irregular storm events to protect key assets.

We’ve been working with Geobags in the UAE as a solution for coastal protection for years however Trapbags have an advantage in both the speed of installation and price.

Presently, we are constructing a combined Trapbag® and Geobag wall for a Five Star Hotel in Ajman which is the first installation of its kind in the world. The wall consists of a 2m high Trapbag® wall faced with over 300 Geobags to create a heavy duty protection wall that is 15m in front of the Hotel’s original concrete retaining wall. On completion the wall will be buried completely and invisible to Hotel guests until a significant storm event brings it into play.

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