EcoCoast Silt Curtains

Ecocoast was the first manufacturer of the full range of silt curtains in the EMEA region. The Ecobarrier Silt Curtain range is always tailored to suit specific conditions and project requirements.

EcoCoast Debris Booms

This range of debris booms is the perfect choice for projects of any size. With their durable design and reliable performance, you can trust these booms to protect your project's investments.

EcoCoast Oil Booms

If you are looking to ensure full marine protection during an oil spill - trust in our oil boom range to get it done.

EcoCoast Foam Containment Booms

Introducing Ecobarrier Foam Containment Booms – your ultimate solution for blocking and capturing large volumes of surface foam during construction.

EcoCoast Coastal Protection Containers

With these coastal protection containers, you can be sure that environmental concerns are at the forefront of our minds, meeting modern standards for sustainability. The range is designed with both flexibility and durability in mind.

EcoCoast Dewatering Containers

We have developed a simple, effective dewatering solution that has proven its effectiveness in various industries. The dewatering containers are incredibly durable and require minimal maintenance thanks to their superior design features.

EcoCoast Mooring Solutions

A sustainable, neutrally buoyant mooring line that prevents seabed damage by floating without touching the seabed. Installations include a pioneering floating solar project in the Middle East and deployment in the sensitive ecosystems of the Red Sea.

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