Jellyfish Nets

Protect swimmers from jellies by providing netted bathing areas.


Our jellyfish nets are primarily used at public, private and hotel beaches to protect swimmers from jellyfish within a confined area. They also perform a similar role (or may form part) of a swimming barrier to demarcate a safe swimming area or a debris boom to protect a swimming area from rubbish.

Our Jellyfish Nets are (custom) made for each project, and designed for quick and easy maintenance, repositioning, re-installation or removal.

The nets can be supplied as a stand-alone barrier or detachable barrier that can be attached to an existing swimming barrier, and do not harm marine life.

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Jellyfish Nets
ProductsEcobarrier Detachable Float NetsBolina Recreation Booms
ApplicationsDesigned for short-term installations or in combination with frequent cleaning.Designed for long-term use in most marine environments, mainly to block jellyfish.

Ecobarrier Detachable Float Nets

Ecobarrier Jellyfish Nets: Detachable Float Nets

Our Ecobarrier® Detachable Float Nets are designed for attachment to a standard floating recreational barrier, suitable for short-term installations or in combination with frequent cleaning.

An antifouling treatment is recommended to prevent the build-up of marine growth on the submerged elements of the barrier.

Technical Specifications
MaterialNylon marine meshNylon marine mesh
Mesh15 x 15 mm50 x 50 mm
Ballast4-6 mm hot dip galvanized chain ballast4-6 mm hot dip galvanized chain ballast
Draft1-6+ M1-6+ M
Breaking Strength14.8 Tn14.8 Tn
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring; Polyform A-series

Bolina Recreation Booms

Bolina Recreation Booms

These highly visible and effective floating booms have a dual function. They are used as demarcation of recreational areas to deter marine traffic and stop jellyfish from entering at the same time.

Suitable for short- to long-term installations in combination with periodic net cleaning to remove marine growth. Frequency of cleaning depends on installation environment.

Upon request, we offer assembly, installation and maintenance together with demarcation lighting for additional safety at night.

Technical Specifications
Primary MaterialRotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene
Wall Thickness5mm or 6mm
Typical Spacing500 – 1000mm
ColoursIALA red, green, orange, black or yellow
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting for additional safety at night