Al Hamra Marina: Pile Refurbishment Works

10th Jan 2018
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We recently refurbished over 70 marine piles at Al Hamra Marina in Ras Al Khaimah. The works involved pile cleaning, blasting and coating, including supply and installation of UHMW-PE pile sleeves, pile top covers and GRP pile caps.

Al Hamra Marina is one of the largest marinas in the UAE. Management decided to renovate the marina after taking it back from the operator. The marine piles were towards the end of their lifespan – extremely rusted – because of the wave conditions in the marina. Rather than replacing all piles, they decided to extend the lifespan of the piles by contracting us to install UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) sleeves.

“We have a very delicate ecosystem that needs to be protected,” says Marina Manager, James Roy. “Not causing any pollution was a key factor for this project, both water and noise pollution. We were extremely lucky to find the right sort of company.”

Alternative marine solutions are a core of Ecocoast’s business, aiming to protect marine ecosystems. By promoting the use of marine pile sleeves that prolong the lifespan of marine piles, the focus goes to seeking ways to repair and protect rather than replace, being a much more sustainable solution.

“We also proposed vacuum blasting of the piles to minimize disruption to the surroundings. Vacuum blasting is not only eco-friendly but also provides a lower noise level than standard blasting,” added Nikola Zutic, Project Manager at Ecocoast.

Photo above shows piles with and without UHMW-PE sleeve. Gavin Davids, Editor at Big Project Middle East spoke to Al Hamra Marina Manager and Ecocoast Contracting to learn about UHMW-PE protection technology. The full interview is available here.