Ecobarrier Oil Booms: Emergency Oil Boom
Published on 24 Jan ‘18
New emergency oil boom tested in Kalba
Ecobarrier Oil Booms: Emergency Oil Boom

In response to the oil spills that have been occurring with a troubling frequency over the past year, Ecocoast Contracting LLC tested a new emergency oil boom in Kalba last week in the presence of government officials and coast guard officers. Ecocoast, known for being the first at introducing practical, environmentally friendly, alternative marine solutions, sets a new milestone in the region with the introduction of this rapid deployment solution for oil spills. 

The oil spills at the East Coast have affected a wide range of people. Not only those who are living along the coast, but almost everyone has been affected in one way or another, from fishermen and hoteliers, to tourists, diving centres and protected area authorities. Besides an active fishing harbour, Kalba (Sharjah) has an important nature reserve and mangrove swamp, and therefore, officials take oil spills seriously by being prepared for emergencies and putting appropriate protection measures in place, so that damage to the environment can be avoided when other incidents occur.

The rapid response, air-inflated oil boom has been used extensively outside the region for both inshore and offshore applications. The boom is inflated on-site via a unique blower system, and offers the advantage of a high buoyancy to weight ratio, excellent durability and stability. It is designed not only for efficient containment of oil, but also for prevention of oil transfer to beach areas. The boom can be either deployed around an oil spill or attached to a spill response vessel in a sweep operation.

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