Bolina PDB600 helps keep Norland’s waterways clear of debris
Published on 08 Nov ‘20
Bolina PDB600 helps keep Norland’s waterways clear of debris
Bolina PDB600 helps keep Norland’s waterways clear of debris


Learn how Bolina’s PDB600 is helping to keep Norland’s waterways clear of debris

Our subsidiary Bolina, headquartered in the United Kingdom, recently installed a Permanent Debris Boom PDB600 on a project in Norland, Canada. The team on the project were tasked by the client to install a system that will stop water carried debris from getting into the water intake screen and instead divert it over the crest of the dam.

Bolina PDB600 helps keep Norland’s waterways clear of debris

The 20-metre long boom was supplied with a roller compensator to match varying water levels. The Bolina Permanent Debris Booms are designed with a unique flush face for laminar deflection and can handle everything from barrels, logs, trees, reeds, duckweed and many more items of debris. These are all funnelled into a collection area, where the material can be easily extracted.

Furthermore, workboats can also rub along the face of the debris boom while scooping up material, thus avoiding having to slowly ‘nibble’ at the debris and risk damaging the floats, as with conventional debris booms.

The client was extremely pleased with the results of the installation of the PDB600, telling us that “the product is well made, and I foresee it being a long-term solution to our problem”.

Chris Rogers, Bolina

Given the success of this project, we spoke to Chris Rogers of Bolina, who outlines some of the challenges faced during the installation process, while also going over some of the gains the client has seen since the boom has been in place.

“The biggest challenge on a project such as this is obtaining accurate information in order to size the boom accordingly. Bolina works closely with clients to ensure that they understand the need for this information, and why it’s so important.”

“We (the Bolina team) then review this information with the client to ensure that the correct solution is provided.”

Once this information was confirmed, the project team immediately began to put together a solution that answers the client’s needs. Rogers explains that the Bolina PDB600 has been designed to minimise debris maintenance and to eliminate mechanical maintenance completely, which offers significant advantages.

“The tough 3-ply rubber/polyester 600mm deep curtain has a very high resistance to puncture and tearing, starting with a nominal break load of 8 tonnes (there are even tougher curtains available). This is all protected by a 6.5t shear bolt system.”

“It is designed with a unique flush front to the curtain to avoid debris getting “hung up” on the curtain, while the unique buoyancy floats are attached behind the curtain on the downstream side only, which also affords them maximum protection from any possible damage.”

The results from the installation of the boom have been extremely promising, with Rogers highlighting that the boom has been specified to divert debris away from turbine intake screens and instead divert them over a new bypass slipway.

“The flush fronted design causes the boom to be self-clearing when installed at an angle to the current flow, which prevents the build up of debris in front of the boom, by the action of the current flow deflecting the debris away from sluices and water intakes, thereby preventing them from being blocked.”

PDB600 Benefits:

  1. Unique in the market as the only fully flush faced Permanent Debris Boom currently available. The design makes the boom self-clearing when installed at a suitable angle to the current flow, allowing for easily debris collection at a convenient point or deflecting debris away from sluices or intakes to stop them from getting blocked.
  2. Highly resistant to abrasion, chafe and impact damage, and designed to be left permanently installed and operate with minimal maintenance requirements.
  3. The boom is using Bolina’s own design patented floats. These kite-shaped floats each with their own counterweight provide both excellent buoyancy and stability.

See more photos of Permanent Debris Boom installations in the Environment Booms gallery here.

Contact Chris Rogers for further project or product information. Chris recently joined Jerry and Tony in the Topsham office as new Operations Manager, and brings a wealth of engineering experience to Bolina.

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