Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys
Published on 12 Nov ‘17
Ecobarrier buoys deployed in Dubai waters
Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys

We recently installed our 1,250mm diameter navigation buoys to mark sensitive areas around a power plant that is currently under construction in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The buoys are suitable for near shore applications, consisting of single piece virgin MDPE, UV stable float section filled with closed-cell, water resistant polyurethane foam. The superstructure is manufactured from twin skin design UV stabilized MDPE providing lightweight and excellent strength. Two lifting points offer superb balance and handling characteristics, and with flat base design, safe storage on ground and on deck. The design of the 1,250mm diameter buoys enables each section to be moulded in different colours to suit IALA specifications.

All buoys were fitted with marine lanterns, and included radar reflectors and top marks.

Benefits our 1,250mm diameter buoys offer:

• Excellent stability and strength
• Made for high UV environments
• Low maintenance requirements
• Ease of handling and deploying due to lifting points

Ecobarrier now boasts a comprehensive range of polyethylene constructed navigation buoys, completing its portfolio of navigation buoys to suit all environments. Buoys are available in diameters ranging from 0.6-3.6 meters. Get in touch to know more!

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