ADNOC ICV Certified
Published on 28 May ‘19
Ecocoast is now an ADNOC ICV certified supplier
ADNOC ICV Certified

ADNOC launched its In-Country Value (ICV) program in the beginning of 2018, designed to create deep social and commercial benefits that contribute to the sustainable economic growth and development of the UAE. The ADNOC In-Country Value program is a procurement-led initiative that specifically aims to help boost domestic product and service suppliers, create highly-skilled jobs for Emiratis in the private sector, and strengthen critical functionalities in the oil and gas industry. More about the ADNOC ICV program here.

Ecocoast is now an ADNOC ICV certified supplier. “We are very proud to achieve this certification,” says Lachlan Jackson, Managing Director at Ecocoast. “We set up the company in the UAE in 2009, and are incredibly proud of our contribution to the UAE economy and of being a UAE-based business making a global impact.”

Ecocoast’s manufacturing business, based in Umm Al Quwain, is an important driver of economic development, direct and even indirect employment, promoting growth and employment not only across the marine industry, but also other sectors at the same time.

Through its marine innovation lab, Ecolabs, Ecocoast encourages entrepreneurship and helps SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs increase their visibility, gain access to funding, technical support and important stakeholders, in order to create the next generation of leaders who contribute to economic growth and sustainability of the region.

Ecocoast is the global leader in pioneering solutions for sustainable coastal and marine developments. For further information, call +971 4 885 3944 or submit the contact form.

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