World Ocean Day 2019
Published on 02 Jun ‘19
World Oceans Day 2019
World Ocean Day 2019

This week, we celebrate World Environment Day (WED) on June 5, and World Oceans Day (WOD) on June 8. Even if you have never heard about these days before, there are many reasons why you might want to know more. Here are just a couple of benefits our oceans provide:

• The ocean covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. 94% of life on earth is aquatic, making us a small minority.
• It also produces over half of the world’s oxygen & absorbs 50x more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere.
• From fishing, boating to surfing and whale watching, the ocean provides us with many unique activities.
• Besides seafood, ingredients from the sea are found in food, such as peanut butter and soy milk (surprise!).
• Natural wonders aside, it’s one of the world’s most significant economic assets, estimated to be worth $24 trillion.

This year, the theme of World Oceans Day 2019 is ‘Gender and the Ocean’, highlighting the key role of gender equality and inclusion in addressing ocean challenges. Engaging women and men in decision-making, scientific research, maritime industries and conservation schemes is essential for achieving sustainability that works for everyone.

Events are being held around the world to celebrate World Oceans Day, including the UAE, focusing on demonstrating leadership in preventing plastic pollution and sharing solutions that inspire and activate the global community. From Saturday June 8 until Sunday June 16, Adidas is marking World Oceans Day with a run that anyone can take part in. Pier Chic, the restaurant that juts out dramatically into the ocean in Jumeirah, is serving a five-course, ethically-sourced seafood menu for five days only (June 4 to 8) to celebrate World Oceans Day. Some will probably also organize beach cleanups, but we haven’t seen anything announced yet. Keep an eye on Azraq, EEG and Zero Gravity Dubai Instagram pages. 

At Ecocoast, we are determined to work harder to protect and support our coastline and marine environment. Here’s some milestones we’ve achieved over the years since our launch:

  1. Ecocoast was founded in 2009 to offer specialist marine and coastal protection services after identifying a gap in the market for sustainable construction structures and materials.
  2. In 2012, Ecocoast introduced the world’s strongest silt curtain, manufactured under the brand Ecobarrier. 8 out of the 10 largest dredging companies in the world use Ecobarrier Silt Curtains on their projects to contain the fine particles of silt that are discharged into the water from dredging, construction or reclamation activities.
  3. Ecolife was launched in 2016 to create a sustainable future – for our employees, clients, communities and the environment.
  4. Global impact with The Ocean Cleanup in 2017 – we were the first to design and manufacture a successful screen for The Ocean Cleanup to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.
  5. A decade later (2019), our range of marine products has been installed in over 20 countries worldwide.


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