Ecocoast’s successes prove that companies can ‘Make it in the Emirates’
Published on 19 Jan ‘22
Ecocoast’s successes prove that companies can ‘Make it in the Emirates’
Ecocoast’s successes prove that companies can ‘Make it in the Emirates’


As a proud supporter of the UAE’s campaign to encourage the utilisation of its industrial sector, Ecocoast’s successes prove that companies can ‘Make it in the UAE’.

Last year, the United Arab Emirates launched ‘Make It In The Emirates’, a first-of-its-kind campaign in the country, which aims to encourage local and international investors, innovators and developers to benefit from the facilities and incentives being offering by the country’s industrial sector.

For companies that operate extensively in the UAE and surrounding regions, having an established manufacturing hub in the UAE makes sense as it will ensure a reduction in production costs, while also reducing the cost of logistics and transport. Furthermore, having an easily accessible production site will ensure that quality standards are met, particularly for products that require precision design and manufacture like our marine barriers.

It is because of these reasons, and a desire to contribute towards building the UAE’s industrial prowess that Ecocoast elected to establish one of its manufacturing units in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain. Product ranges such as Ecobarrier and Ecomoor are manufactured at this facility, which works to the highest quality standards to produce sustainable marine solutions.

Ecocoast’s successes prove that companies can ‘Make it in the Emirates’
Custom-built equipment

The 4,000 square foot facility is strategically located to service key markets. Operating as the nerve centre of the Middle East supply chain, the production site helps us facilitate and reduce the time to market for our marine protection, navigation and recreation products. It also enjoys excellent connectivity to key infrastructure and transport systems to ensure the smooth flow of logistics and delivery of products to key clients.

Furthermore, by being in the UAE, we are able to take advantage of the latest innovations and can access the most state-of-the-art equipment, reducing production time by 25%, thus increasing our output. We have also been able to upgrade our processing capabilities thanks to the availability of new, cutting-edge technology. In fact, one of our key objectives for the Ecocoast production site in UAQ is to continuously work on product innovation and enhance our solutions, so as to cater to clients’ specific needs.

Having custom-built equipment enables the production site to process more jobs with minimal human intervention, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy levels, reducing mistakes and waste across the entire process, thus leading to higher productivity.

This investment in the manufacturing process is backed by a strong talent pool. As a company, Ecocoast has taken advantage of the UAE’s attractiveness as an ideal environment to work and live in, attracting some of the best minds in the industry to work for us. In order to optimise this advantage, we have created a customised training program for employees that contains all the required knowledge for them to succeed in their jobs, including providing holistic training that goes beyond vocational training so as to bridge the gap between management and production team.

Ecocoast’s successes prove that companies can ‘Make it in the Emirates’
SmartReading graduation

One of the key parts of the training is linguistics, which has been implemented with the support of SmartReading, a program that helps trainees acquire contemporary knowledge and enhance their communication skills, allowing them to connect better with all other members of the company.

With the UAE aiming to attract as many as 13,500 manufacturing companies to the country, industrial production is set to continue to grow. The positive macro-economic conditions in the country, such as business- and investor-friendly regulations, advanced infrastructure, established trading and logistics hubs, and ease of access to skilled workers and professionals, makes it easy for companies like ours to scale up the production of customised engineering products and send them to our clients across the world.

It is because of this world-class manufacturing ecosystem that Ecocoast finds it possible to be in the best position to further advance marine protection practices in the country, as well as in other parts of the region. Our products enable clients around the world to address marine and coastal challenges of all kinds, making the UAE a crucial part of a global value chain that promotes the enhancement of environmental practices.

Ecocoast is present in the UAE and the UK. In case of questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Photo: Ecobarrier Silt Curtains next to the Burj Al Arab, one of the key landmarks in the UAE, to protect the area during construction activities.

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