Engineers Week 2022: Solving problems and providing solutions
Published on 21 Feb ‘22
Engineers Week 2022: Solving problems and providing solutions
Engineers Week 2022: Solving problems and providing solutions


Ecocoast engineers celebrate EWeek by sharing what being an engineer means to them.

Held annually in February, during the week encompassing George Washington’s birthday on February 22, National Engineers Week is a week-long event that celebrates the work and influence of engineers across the world.

Originally launched in 1951 in the US by the National Society of Professional Engineers, the celebration has grown into a global event that consists of a formal coalition of more than 70 engineering, education and cultural societies, along with more than 50 corporations and government agencies.

Dedicated to raising public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to our quality of life, EWeek, as it is also known as, promotes recognition amongst parents, teachers and students about the importance of a technical education and a high level of math, science and technology literacy. Furthermore, it also aims to motivate young people to pursue engineering careers in order to provide a diverse and enthusiastic workforce from around the world.

At Ecocoast, we are proud supporters of EWeek as we are engineers at heart – not only do we provide meticulously designed and engineered products for the protection of coastlines, waterways and floating structures, but our business is built around offering our services and expertise for every stage of the coastal and marine development lifecycle.

Ranging from development, infrastructure and coastal protection, through to operations and maintenance, our engineers work with clients from all over the world, in both the commercial and government sectors, to provide and develop engineered products for a better marine environment.

What our engineers say

National Engineers Week
National Engineers Week – Filip Stefanovic

“I believe that engineering is an essential part of what we do. Our clients usually come from industries that have little engineering knowledge about our products, and/or with a different engineering background, so the support that we provide in recommending new solutions or value engineering existing ones plays a big role in the success of their projects,” says Filip Stefanovic, Regional General Manager for Bolina in the UK.

Filip’s quote perfectly summarises our approach as a company, and it is one that we strive to imbibe in all our employees and partners, whether we conduct internal or external training on our products and their installation.


“Being an engineer means having a pragmatic and problem-solving approach in all situations,” says Ned Stevanovic, Head of Operations at Eoccoast. “Our engineering team has extensive knowledge and experience in engineered products for the protection of coastlines, waterways, critical marine assets and infrastructure, so therefore, we are always able to provide the best solution to our clients.”

National Engineers Week
National Engineers Week – Aswin Kumar

Aswin Kumar, Technical Team Lead at Ecocoast, adds that it is crucial for an engineer to be able to visualise products and understand client needs from a technical aspect, which in turn enables the creation of reliable solutions to problems.

“Thanks to me and the other engineers on the team, our clients can be assured that we will also recommend the most optimal solutions for their projects,” he adds.

In order to deliver the most optimal solution for a project, Adam Saleh Fitwi, Syed Zabeeulla and Rasheed AbdelMegeed of Ecocoast all point out that it is essential for an engineer to have a systematic approach, so as to be able to clearly illustrate the value proposition to clients and show them how they can get more by investing less.

“Being an engineer means thinking differently, in a systematic way, in every aspect of life,” Adam says. “There is always a solution for any problem.”

“I always feel proud of being a mechanical engineer,” adds Syed. “In many ways, the way you think, analyse and provide solutions is always different to what others offer.”

National Engineers Week
National Engineers Week – Michael Sims

“I have always enjoyed solving problems, and engineering gives me a chance to do this in a unique way, with no limits. Being an engineer makes me believe that you can make the impossible, possible,” says Michael Sims, Sales Engineer for Bolina and Ecocoast based in the UK, who adds that he uses his experience in sales in combination with his engineering skills to help clients find the best solutions that fit their needs.

Providing different – and better – solutions to our clients is key to our ethos at Ecocoast. We encourage and empower our staff in a high-integrity work environment, which is solutions-oriented and filled with curiosity, integrity, transparency and pride. This includes ensuring that employees enjoy both personal and professional growth through a range of internal and external learning and development programmes that are focused on skills, knowledge and experience sharing.

“As a real-life engineer, we provide solutions, and it gives me great satisfaction when I can resolve problems,” says Hassan Khan, Support Engineer at Ecocoast. “This helps our clients deal with environmental challenges they encounter during construction.”

“Maths, numbers and calculations are some things that I’ve always been good at,” adds Filip Stefanovic. “Considering that, it was a natural decision to go into engineering. Now, however, thanks to my experience with Ecocoast, I’ve learnt that engineering is much more about the way problems are solved, rather than the numbers and calculations only. Engineering has taught me how to approach problems and look for solutions,” he concludes.

Happy Engineers Week 2022! Engineering solutions for a better marine environment locally and globally, we’ve built our business on it and it’s what our engineers do best. Get in touch to know more.

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