Erosion stress testing of beaches
Published on 02 Aug ‘16
Erosion stress testing of beaches
Erosion stress testing of beaches

Commentary on International Coastal Management’s (ICM) blogpost about Erosion Stress Testing Of Beaches Along Australia’s East Coast.

Tropical cyclones, dust and sand storms are becoming more and more common around the Arabian Sea and the Gulf. According to online reports, the Arabian Peninsula has experienced the impacts of more than 55 tropical cyclones, mainly affecting Oman and Yemen and happening on an almost yearly basis in the last decade, causing several hundreds of million and sometimes billion US dollars in damage.

Scientists at the National Meteorology and Seismology Centre in Abu Dhabi reported that dust and sand storms are becoming more frequent and their intensity has increased in the past three decades. Between 2007 and 2011, dust events at different layers of the atmosphere were recorded on 239 days, with a peak in 2008.

All these natural environmental events are quite damaging, impacting the shores of our coastal areas and our coastal infrastructures, and creating severe erosion on our beaches among other detrimental effects.

To get a better understanding of beach erosion trends, beach profile measurements can be carried out, which provide good insights into the changes that can potentially take place and impact a shoreline.

More about other methods to protect our coastal structures here.

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