Ecobarrier Silt Curtain, Type III, for nearshore use
Published on 01 Aug ‘16
Silt curtain fabrication: An impressive 65 km
Ecobarrier Silt Curtain, Type III, for nearshore use

Ecobarrier is the only manufacturer of the different types of silt curtains (also called turbidity curtains or silt screens) in the entire EMEA region. Silt curtains are used in construction, dredging and reclamation projects to protect the environment, i.e. mainly the water quality in lakes and seas from sediment and silt.

Till date, Ecobarrier has manufactured 65 km of silt curtain, which corresponds to the distance between Dubai and Umm Al Quwain (see map for a visual representation). Our longest silt curtain design and fabrication happened at the end of 2014 – 2km of silt curtain for installation in the UAE.

The curtains are made of woven PET geomembrane to protect the marine environment. All materials are UV-stabilized and will not leach chemicals into the surrounding water.

Ecocoast – our contracting arm – provides the full range of installation, maintenance and removal services. Our silt curtains have been implemented widely in varying conditions, such as marinas, waterways and offshore environments. Their efficient connection system allows for quick and easy deployment from land or sea. The curtains float on top of the water and are anchored to the seabed to form a semi-permeable barrier. This allows water to flow through the membrane, but traps silt and fine particles.

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