Highly Commended Sustainability Initiative
Published on 12 Dec ‘16
Highly Commended Sustainability Initiative
Highly Commended Sustainability Initiative

Marine Protection & Rehabilitation by Ecocoast was named Highly Commended Sustainability Initiative of the Year last Wednesday. Both our Managing Director, Lachlan Jackson, and Project Manager, James Monsey, attended the Construction Week Awards ceremony and gala dinner that took place at Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

The event celebrates the achievements of the region’s construction contractors, seeking to recognise and reward individual excellence, corporate prowess and project success. Entries are judged by a large jury of industry peers, a factor which has given the Construction Week Awards an independent and credible reputation.

Ecocoast aims to protect coastlines and marine environments from the effects of development and global warming, doing this in three key ways:

  1. Focusing on alternate methods to increase the lifespan of structures and materials, and seeking ways to repair and protect rather than replace.
  2. Developing and supplying products to either protect or rehabilitate the marine environment.
  3. Working with a lot of non-traditional construction materials, such as geosynthetics, which have a lower environmental footprint than the more traditional materials, such as rock, concrete and gabions.

Lachlan commented: “It was great to be part of this industry event and be awarded this trophy. One of our goals is to encourage better construction methods and materials to protect our coastlines and marine environments, and rehabilitate what has already been affected by development.”

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