Ecobarrier Jellyfish Nets: Detachable Float Nets
Published on 19 Oct ‘16
How to create jellyfish-free swimming areas?
Ecobarrier Jellyfish Nets: Detachable Float Nets

As it is getting less humid and hot in the UAE, beach season has officially started. Many families are heading to the beach again for some much needed fun in the sun. The last thing they want is to encounter jellyfish – even from a comfortable distance – and they definitely don’t want to be stung by one. As operator of a private beach club or hotel beach, how can you create jellyfish-free swimming areas?

At Ecobarrier, we manufacture and install nets to block jellies from swimming areas and protect swimmers at hotel and private beaches.

Key features of our jellyfish nets are: 

1. Manufactured using durable, UV-protected materials for long-term installations;

2. Designed for quick and easy repositioning or removal, maintenance and re-installation;

3. Nets can be supplied as a stand-alone barrier or as a separate detachable barrier that can be retrofitted to an existing swimming line;

4. Individually custom manufactured to suit each location and marine environment.

Issues with jellies? Call us to hang up a net at +971 4 885 3944 or email [email protected].

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