protecting beachgoers jellyfish nets
Published on 19 Jun ‘24
Protecting Beachgoers From Jellyfish
protecting beachgoers jellyfish

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, beachgoers in the United Arab Emirates have started noticing jellyfish in the waters. With 7 types of jellyfish inhabiting the UAE’s coastal waters, encountering these sea creatures is not uncommon during peak summer months. Protecting beachgoers from jellyfish is essential to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all.

How resorts can keep jellyfish at bay

To address the jellyfish issue, we offer a range of safety booms engineered to protect both individuals and marine areas. Our people safety booms are specifically designed for various aquatic environments, including leisure facilities, beaches, events, entertainment venues and hospitality locations.

Bolina Beach Safety Net Booms

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Bolina Beach Safety Net Booms are an effective solution to prevent jellyfish and other marine life from entering designated swimming areas. Featuring an integrated net with two-line options (Standard or Premium), these booms are designed to keep marine traffic away while protecting against jellyfish and other hazards. The Premium design offers extended lifespan, enhanced durability and reduced marine growth.

Key benefits:

1. Triple safety measures: Keep marine traffic out and protect against jellyfish, other marine life, including debris.

2. Full buoyancy: Maintain buoyancy even during heavy collisions.

3. UV resistant: Highly resistant to UV light and color fading.

    Ideal locationsInshore (sheltered deployments)
    Tidal flowsUp to 0.5m/s
    WavesShort duration or moderate exposure waves (< 1.5m)
    Installation durationMedium to long with periodic cleaning

    Ecobarrier Jellyfish Safety Nets

    ecobarrier jellyfish safety nets swimmers protection

    Ecobarrier Jellyfish Safety Nets can function as stand-alone barriers or be attached to existing swimming lines, offering flexibility and ease of repositioning during jellyfish season. They require minimal maintenance and are ideal for short-term installations, ensuring water safety and enjoyment.

    Key benefits:

    1. Stress-free swimming: Provide a safe swimming environment without the worry of jellyfish.

    2. Easy installation: Quickly attachable and detachable for convenient use.

      Ideal locationsInshore (sheltered deployments)
      Tidal flowsUp to 0.5m/s
      WavesShort duration waves < 0.5m
      Installation durationShort to medium with periodic cleaning

      Why periodic cleaning is important

      Periodic cleaning of the nets is crucial to maintaining their effectiveness.

      Over time, marine growth such as algae and barnacles can accumulate on the nets, reducing their buoyancy and potentially compromising their ability to keep jellyfish and other marine life out. Regular cleaning ensures that the barriers remain clear and functional, providing continuous protection for beachgoers.

      Additionally, it helps to extend the lifespan of the barriers, making them a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for marine protection. For more details on the importance of periodic cleaning, please refer to this blogpost.

      Marine Services

      Protecting beachgoers from jellyfish is not only about installing barriers, but also about ensuring these barriers are maintained and effective over time.

      What sets us apart is our turnkey approach to marine barrier installations. Our services cover the full lifecycle of products, from assembly to recycling, and include the rental of barriers, boats, pontoons and beach cleaning equipment.

      Contact us today to learn more about how our marine barriers can enhance safety and enjoyment at your beach or aquatic facility. Protecting beachgoers from jellyfish is our priority, and we are here to help you create a safe and enjoyable marine environment.


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