Jellyfish along UAE coastline
Published on 15 Aug ‘15
Jellyfish along UAE coastline
Jellyfish along UAE coastline

It seems jellyfish are inhabiting our shores once again this year, bringing with them their nasty sting and upsetting holiday makers.

We usually see an influx of jellyfish along the UAE coastline around March/April each year, but this month they seem to have returned in force. We have witnessed probably the largest influx around Palm Jumeirah, particularly around the Crescent. In some places, we have counted dozens of jellyfish lurking within a relatively small area. Due to low flushing in some parts of the Palm, it can take a long time for them to get out of the system.

The sheer number of jellyfish around at the moment means we have been busy installing jellyfish nets at a number of hotel beaches along the coastline. While the jelly’s are not dangerous, they do unleash a mighty sting, and foremost on the hotels’ minds are providing a safe swimming area for their guests.

Some hotels had no pre-defined swimming area, so we manufactured all-in-one swimming barriers and jellyfish nets. While others had pre-existing swimming lines, so we manufactured jellyfish nets to retrofit to their existing swimming lines. These work well because they allow the hotel to easily remove the nets for cleaning and/or storage outside of jellyfish season. It also means they can be quickly re-installed once jellyfish season rears it’s ugly head again.

For further information on our custom made swimming barriers and jellyfish nets (either permanent or removable), please give us a call. We move quickly so your guests don’t have to…

PS – the irony of installing a jellyfish net in jellyfish season was also not lost on us, with our installation team kitted out in full length wetsuits, booties, gloves and hood in 35 degree celsius water.

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