New pile sleeve installation at Marina in RAK

Ecobarrier Marine Pile Sleeves: UHMW-PE Sleeves
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We were recently awarded a contract to install 70 UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene) pile sleeves at a Marina in Ras Al Khaimah. Preparations (pile cleaning, blasting and coating) started a couple of weeks ago and the actual sleeving process will take place in November.

We partnered with the manufacturer of these sleeves mid 2016, and have installed UHMW-PE sleeves on piles at various marinas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the past year.

One example we can talk about is Dubai Marina. UHMW-PE sleeves were installed on old corroded piles in November last year. Site visits have been conducted on a monthly basis for a period of 8 months since installation, in order to monitor performance of the sleeves. The last inspection was undertaken at low tide on the morning of 29th June 2017.

There was still no sign of marine growth on the sleeves, however, marine growth was returning in the area that was cleaned immediately below the sleeve. No damage or other wear was visible and all wear pads were still within wear limits. Further corrosion was visible on neighbouring piles that were unsleeved.

Applying UHMW-PE sleeves is obviously a much cheaper process than pile re-installation, providing long-lasting protection effects. If you’re interested in our most recent sleeving works at the Marina in Ras Al Khaimah, follow the installation progress on this dedicated LinkedIn page.

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