Beach cleaning works at Al Zorah
Published on 23 Oct ‘17
Beach cleaning works at Al Zorah
Beach cleaning works at Al Zorah

Our Cherrington beach cleaners have been working hard to deal with the massive amount of rocks, seaweed and other unwanted debris that washes up on Al Zorah beach over the past couple of months.

Our beach cleaners are capable of removing any unwanted debris, such as glass, plastic, cigarettes, shells, stones, etc. making them a popular tool not only for leaving the beach clean and looking well groomed, but also for safety, removing items that could prove dangerous. Our beach cleaning services ensure an efficient means of maintaining safe and high quality beach, play, sporting and other leisure areas.

The machines operate by removing sand and debris from up to 200mm below the surface, screening all debris and loading it into the hopper while returning the screened and aerated sand to the beach, leveling and smoothing it in place. Cherrington beach cleaners are the most efficient cleaners in the market today.

Learn more about beach cleaning here – the difference between raking and screening, our models, or reach out to us to discover how Ecocoast’s beach cleaning equipment can help you clean your beach!

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