Published on 24 Oct ‘18
[NEWS RELEASE] Ecocoast unveils its innovation lab


Ecocoast Unveils Ecolabs – the Middle East’s First Innovation Lab for Pioneering Marine Technologies 

The marine innovation hub is designed to develop pioneering solutions to solve the world’s most pressing marine problems

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, October 24, 2018 – UAE-based marine and coastal protection specialist, Ecocoast, today unveiled Ecolabs, a marine innovation hub designed to foster collaboration to solve the world’s most pressing marine problems. Ecolabs works with industry leaders, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop and scale game-changing technologies and innovations for a better marine environment.

Driven by the ethos that no one company or one innovation can be responsible for ensuring a safe, clean and sustainably managed marine environment, Ecolabs takes a collaborative approach to developing pioneering solutions to protect and support the marine environment.

Ecolabs works with industry leaders to develop game-changing solutions that make valuable contributions to the marine environment. Two of Ecolabs’ high-impact collaborations to date include its work to design and manufacture the screen for The Ocean Cleanup, which was launched on September 8, 2018, and successfully deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the WasteShark that was recently launched in Dubai Marina – a zero-carbon waste and data collection vehicle for urban waters.

In addition, Ecolabs supports marine industry SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas and product solutions to the market – whether it be with funding, technical skills, mentoring, coaching or other specialized capabilities.

“It is our mission to solve the world’s most pressing marine problems. We realize that for us to have real, sustained impact, collaboration is key. This is the philosophy behind Ecolabs. By collaborating with industry leaders, we can work together to solve real marine industry problems; and by working with marine industry SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, we can help bring pioneering marine solutions to the world that have both a sustainable and commercial value proposition,” says Dana Liparts, Co-Founder of Ecolabs and Ecocoast.

“At Ecolabs, we are offering a unique opportunity for disruptive SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs to increase their visibility, gain access to funding, technical support and important stakeholders in order to accelerate their growth. By supporting this next generation of marine industry game-changers, Ecolabs can create a more pioneering, technology-driven marine industry. This, in our view, is sustained impact,” says Liparts.

“Ecocoast will continue to drive transformation with initiatives such as Ecolabs, taking a collaborative approach to solving the world’s most pressing marine problems,” adds Liparts.

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Media contact, Tamara Deprez, [email protected].

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