How to manage marine pollution?
Published on 13 Oct ‘18
How to manage marine pollution? [PART THREE]
How to manage marine pollution?

Arab News reached out to Ecocoast a couple of weeks ago for commentary on marine pollution. The following is the last part of a 3-part blogpost on marine pollution, of which sections were first published on Arab News dd. October 3, 2018. See Arab News feature hereAnd in case you missed part one (link here) and part two (link here).

What are your thoughts about the cleanliness of the waters in the Middle East and what should be done in your regard?

Marine pollution is a global challenge, which needs to be addressed from both a behavioral and technological perspective, and from prevention to restoration.

Construction is one of the key contributors to the GCC economy, but its contribution to the environment is not as positive. The GCC is slowly implementing more regulations on sustainability to incorporate international standards in engineering and construction processes. For contractors, this means more focus on environmentally-friendly construction methods and materials, including marine protection.

Coastal protection is becoming increasingly critical with the increase in coastal developments taking place. Our coastlines are in a constant state of flux. Reclamation works do not just require coastal protection for the new coastlines that are created, but these new coastlines affect the way the ocean interacts with adjacent existing coastlines. This increases the need for coastal protection strategies two-fold.

Our coastlines are an important asset for the economy, and therefore, countries will continue to develop, enhance and maintain their beach and marine facilities. The focus moving forward will not just be on leveraging these coastal assets, but balancing it with marine and coastal protection to ensure long-term sustainability of these assets.

Collaboration is key to protect and support our marine environment. Ecocoast launched Ecolabs in 2018, a marine innovation hub designed to foster collaboration with industry leaders, start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop pioneering solutions for a better marine environment. Ecolabs takes a collaborative approach, driven by the ethos that no one company or one innovation can be responsible for ensuring our marine environment is safe, clean and sustainably managed.

Ecolabs works with industry leaders to combine resources and develop game-changing solutions to make valuable contributions to our marine environment. In addition, Ecolabs supports entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to bring their game-changing marine solutions to the market – whether it be with funding, technical skills, mentoring, coaching or other specialized capabilities.

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