Our Road to COP28 [3]: Preserving Khor Kalba Mangrove Reserve
Published on 07 Dec ‘23
Our Road to COP28 [5]: Preserving Khor Kalba Mangrove Reserve
Our Road to COP28 [3]: Preserving Khor Kalba Mangrove Reserve

Protecting Khor Kalba Mangrove Reserve: Necessary For A Sustainable Future

Continuing our journey on the Road to COP28, today we focus on the crucial role of mangroves. As COP28 places mangroves high on its agenda, aligning with the ambitious global target to restore and protect 15 million hectares of mangroves by 2030 while halting their degradation, the emphasis on these ecosystems attains special significance.

On December 4, a new report was launched at COP28 called the “Mangrove Breakthrough: Financial Roadmap“. It’s all about boosting capital flow into protecting and restoring mangroves. The report was put together by the Global Mangrove Alliance and the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions (HLCs), along with Systemiq. It lays out a plan to reach the financial goals set in the Mangrove Breakthrough, which was introduced at COP27. This plan will be discussed further at a COP28 Ministerial on December 9.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of mangroves in furthering the goals of the Paris Agreement, the initiatives showcased at COP28 resonate strongly with our commitment at Ecocoast.

Since 2013, we’ve been dedicated to helping preserve the pristine Khor Kalba mangrove reserve, managed by the Sharjah governments’ Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA). We were contracted by EPAA to advise on, design and install marine barriers for environmental and safety applications within the esteemed Alqurm Protected Area, recognized as a Ramsar site.

Emergency measures: Safeguarding Kalba’s dual significance

One significant milestone was the deployment of a solution for oil spill emergencies in 2018. Our swift action in deploying an Ecobarrier Inflatable Oil Boom in Kalba, following a series of oil spills along the East Coast of the UAE, underscored our commitment to preserving critical habitats.

Kalba, with its dual significance as a bustling fishing harbor and an essential nature reserve housing mangrove swamps, demanded urgent protective measures. This initiative not only shielded the environment and its diverse marine life, but also contributed to the well-being of the local community, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goal #3.

The inflatable oil boom, renowned for its rapid deployment capabilities, durability, and efficacy in containing oil, averted potential ecological disasters. Following its successful implementation, the resilience of the Kalba mangrove ecosystem against subsequent oil spills remains intact.

Strengthening protection: Bolina Harbour Oil Boom installation

Our Road to COP28 [3]: Preserving Khor Kalba Mangrove Reserve

A couple of years later, our undertaking involved the design and permanent installation of a Bolina Harbour Oil Boom in the Kalba fishing village harbor. Additionally, we supplied demarcation lights for enhanced visibility during nighttime.

This heavy-duty oil boom, designed from high-tensile materials, is engineered for long-term use, demanding minimal maintenance over its lifespan. Its design ensures superior buoyancy even in turbulent waters, eliminating the need for bottom ballast to maintain its upright position.

With the Bolina Harbour Oil Boom in place, we aim to fortify the protection of the invaluable Khor Kalba mangrove ecosystem. This proactive measure not only mitigates potential future man-made disasters, but also ensures the continued safety and security of this vital ecological haven for years to come.

Our commitment remains steadfast in our pursuit of preserving this natural wonder and its delicate balance, furthering our dedication to environmental stewardship on the Road to COP28.

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