Our Road to COP28 [3]: Tackling Plastic Pollution in Belgium
Published on 22 Nov ‘23
Our Road to COP28 [3]: Tackling Plastic Pollution in Belgium
Our Road to COP28 [3]: Tackling Plastic Pollution in Belgium

Tackling Plastic Pollution: Our Breakthrough in Belgium

In the global fight against plastic pollution, innovative solutions are essential. As we continue our Road to COP28 journey, we’re thrilled to spotlight another pioneering project contributing to a sustainable future. This time, our focus shifts to Belgium, Europe, where we, in collaboration with DEME, have achieved a significant milestone in tackling plastic pollution in rivers in 2020.

Revolutionary debris boom in the tidal river Scheldt

Our Road to COP28 [3]: Tackling Plastic Pollution in Belgium

One of our proud collaborations with DEME involves the development of Europe’s longest debris boom.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to tackle plastic pollution in the tidal river Scheldt, a vital waterway in Belgium. Engineered and supplied by Ecocoast, the floating Bolina Permanent Debris Boom forms a barrier that captures floating plastic waste before it reaches the sea.

Spanning an impressive length of 278 meters, the design of the debris boom includes ‘arms’ that function as a funnel, guiding plastic pollution toward a litter trap. Once trapped, the waste is efficiently disposed of using a waste collector and an autonomous vessel. This autonomous, eco-friendly system ensures the removal of significant amounts of plastic pollution from the river.

Impressive impact: Fighting plastic pollution daily

The impact of this project has been profound. On a daily basis, over 218 kilograms of plastic waste are funneled into the catcher, resulting in the removal of seven tonnes of debris and human pollutants monthly. This tangible success demonstrates the effectiveness of this innovative solution in mitigating the environmental hazards posed by plastic pollution.

To put the scale of this issue into perspective, let’s consider the alarming statistics regarding plastic production. In 1950, approximately 2.3 million tons of plastic were produced worldwide. Fast forward to 2015, and that figure skyrocketed to a staggering 448 million tons. Shockingly, projections indicate that this number is expected to double by 2050 if significant measures aren’t taken to address plastic waste.

Continuing the journey towards sustainability

Projects like the Bolina Permanent Debris Boom in the Scheldt River underline the urgency and potential for innovative solutions in combating plastic pollution. As we forge ahead in our quest for sustainability, partnerships between industry leaders like Ecocoast and DEME play a pivotal role in preserving our environment for future generations.

Stay tuned for more updates on our Road to COP28, as we highlight groundbreaking initiatives driving positive change in our ecosystems worldwide. Together, let’s continue to innovate, collaborate, and take action to safeguard our planet against the threats of plastic pollution.

Join us on this journey towards a cleaner, greener future!

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