Bolina Environment Booms

Ideal for debris and pollution control at vulnerable sites where a constant risk exists.



Bolina Booms logo, an Ecocoast brand

Early 2019, Ecocoast acquired Bolina, the European leader in marine safety, security and environment booms. Bolina Environment Booms are used for pollution control in sensitive areas, such as industrial sites, nature reserves, harbors or marinas, pumping stations, water treatment works, dam spillways, just to mention a few. They are the toughest of their type, designed and manufactured by Bolina in the United Kingdom.

The booms are unique in the market as the only fully flush faced debris booms currently available. The design makes the booms self-clearing when installed at a suitable angle to the current flow, allowing for easily debris collection at a convenient point or deflecting debris away from sluices or intakes to stop them from getting blocked.

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Bolina Environment Booms
ProductsBolina Environment Booms
ApplicationsFor the containment and recovery of floating debris, where the amount of debris is exceptional with serious consequences in case of failure to control it.

Bolina Environment Booms

Bolina Environment Booms

The Bolina Environment Booms are ideal for inland waterways, reservoirs, marinas, private water bodies and nature reserves. They are used to control the flow of debris and pollution.

Suited for shallower waters with less current as well, and relatively high current velocities up to 6 knots or 7 mph.

They have been deployed where waterways need permanent protection from litter. They also help maintain power generation at hydro dams, where the amount of floating debris is exceptional.

Technical Specifications
ModelsPermanent Debris BoomsPermanent Pollution BoomsModular Debris BoomsLitter Fence BoomsLog Screen Booms
Float Sizes (⌀)450mm
Primary MaterialRotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene
FloatationMarine grade closed cell solid polyurethane (PU) foam
ColoursBlack or yellowBlack or yellowBlack or yellowBlack or yellowIALA red, green, orange, black or yellow

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