Sustainability: Theme of 20th National Environment Day
Published on 04 Feb ‘17
Sustainability: Theme of 20th National Environment Day
Sustainability: Theme of 20th National Environment Day

Make sustainability a way of life was the message Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, delivered on the occasion of the 20th National Environment Day (link to The Gulf Today article).

A challenge the construction industry faces today. Our mission – since the launch of our business –  is to keep on developing and promoting environmentally friendly marine structures, products and materials, in order to reduce the impact on the marine environment, protect our coastlines and rehabilitate what has already been affected by development. We do this in 3 primary ways:

1. By focusing on alternate methods to increase the lifespan of structures and materials, and seeking ways to repair and protect rather than replace. Examples:

  • Our manufacturing arm, Ecobarrier, produces heavy-duty environmental barriers that are designed to be reused again and again, which saves them from ending up in a landfill after a single project.
  • We promote the use of marine pile sleeves that prolong the lifespan of tubular steel piles, so they do not require replacement as often.

2. By developing and supplying products to either protect or rehabilitate the marine environment. Examples:

  • Silt curtains for use during dredging projects to protect the marine environment.
  • Containment booms to help control the spread of accumulated rubbish, construction and other marine debris.
  • Oil booms to protect marine areas from the damage caused by oil discharge.

3. By working with non-traditional construction materials, such as geosynthetics, which have a lower environmental footprint than the more traditional materials. In certain instances, these structures have the dual benefit of providing coastal protection as well as a habitat for marine life through the growth of soft corals and seagrass, as they essentially turn into artificial reefs.

Alternative coastal protection solutions are a core of our business and a passion for us. Our goal is to encourage better construction methods and materials to protect the coastline and marine ecosystem.

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