Ecobarrier Marine Pile Sleeves: UHMW-PE Sleeves
Published on 15 Feb ‘17
UHMW-PE pile sleeves: Excellent for marine environments
Ecobarrier Marine Pile Sleeves: UHMW-PE Sleeves

Severe structural pile deterioration in marine environments caused by corrosion exists all over the world. Finding restoration rather than replacement solutions is not only vital to sustainable development but also economic growth. At Ecobarrier, we continuously look at maximizing our clients’ return-on-investment while minimizing environmental impact. One of our goals is to seek ways to repair and protect instead of replace, by for example focusing on alternative sustainable protection solutions to increase the lifespan of marine structures.

We hold an exclusive agreement with a US-based manufacturer of plastic sleeving for marine piles. Their patented UHMW-PE pile sleeves (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) are durable, environmentally friendly, offer a rich and attractive appearance, and are relatively easy to install, all while providing the best wear protection and corrosion resistance available.

UHMW-PE pile sleeves provide maintenance free, long-lasting and reliable protection for long periods of time. Besides replacement savings, sleeve installation does also not require shutdowns of marinas. The sleeves are ideal for marine installations to help restore the structural integrity to deteriorating piles or protect new piles. The material is highly resistant to abrasion and impact. Our contracting arm, Ecocoast, is proud to be the first contractor licensed outside the US to install this proprietary solution in the region.

Looking for a proof of life of a finished product? Download our case study here.

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