Ecobarrier Marine Pile Sleeves: UHMW-PE Sleeves
Published on 12 Nov ‘18
UHMW-PE pile sleeving on Yas Island
Ecobarrier Marine Pile Sleeves: UHMW-PE Sleeves

Marine pile sleeving as part of the Yas South Integrated Destination Resort (Yas-IDR) marine works project was completed in the third quarter of 2018. Yas-IDR is a mega development, which combines hotels, a multi-purpose arena and a unique mix of food & beverage, retail and entertainment destinations along with an active waterfront promenade, aimed at transforming Yas Island into a top global destination.

Ecocoast was awarded the contract to install UHMW-PE pile sleeves at the new berthing facility. Important to note is that the tender specifications and design drawings stated that the steel tubular piles at this new facility should be covered with HDPE sleeves. However, the main contractor approached us and requested to support them in proposing UHMW-PE pile sleeves as an alternative solution, which was accepted by the consultants as the appropriate solution for the pile sleeving job. An important milestone!

Since introducing UHMW-PE sleeves to the region, we have successfully installed them in marinas across all Emirates of the UAE, including Oman. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) sleeves have a higher molecular weight (6,000,000 g/mol) than HDPE (200,000 g/mol). The higher the molecular weight, the stronger and significantly more impact-resistant the material. UHMW-PE also provides great chemical and high abrasion resistance, making it a better material for use in marine environment.

Other benefits of using UHMW-PE sleeves include:

  • Longer lifespan – A galvanized or epoxy coated steel pile has a lifespan of 15-25 years versus UHMW-PE sleeved piles 50-75 years.
  • Less pressure – No gap between the pile and the sleeve, ensuring a totally vacuum-closed area leading to less pressure on the structure.
  • Benefits of composites – The sleeves will never suffer corrosion, and will withstand the harshest UV environments, such as the Middle East.
  • Lower maintenance costs – The sleeves require low or no maintenance and limit marine growth on the pile.
  • Cosmetic appearance – The sleeves give piles a clean, glossy and uniform look.
  • Environmentally friendly – The sleeves contain no toxins that can leach into ecosystems or negatively impact water quality, unlike traditional methods such as heavy metal coatings.

The UHMW-PE pile sleeves were installed on 762mm diameter piles – the biggest we have worked on since installing them in the region. We are very proud of the progress we have made, and to have been part of another landmark project in the UAE.

More information about the sleeves can be found here, including the technical specifications. Or feel free to call us at +971.4.885 3944.

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