Contributing to the United Nations Global Goal #3

19th Dec 2018
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CONTRIBUTING TO THE UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL GOALS – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We, at Ecocoast, are committed to doing our part. We recognize that the SDGs are an important development in global efforts to make a positive difference to the most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges in the world today.

At Ecocoast, we help reduce marine pollution by designing, manufacturing and installing marine barriers that contribute to a better environment. Our Oil Boom marine protection range is just one example – including rapid deployment solutions for oil spills, such as the boom that was installed in Kalba in response to the oil spills that were occurring with a troubling frequency end 2017 and early 2018. Oil spills not only affect our marine environment and marine life, but also human health and well-being.

We also develop solutions that play an important role in the field of environmental monitoring, enabling better decisions for better health and well-being. Different data sensors can be added to some of our solutions, like our WasteShark and Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys, to for example monitor air and water quality, and track oil leaks.

Download here the PDF showing how else we support the UN Global Goals.