Ecolabs by Ecocoast


Pioneering solutions for a better marine environment.

Ecolabs exists to solve the world’s most pressing marine problems. Launched by Ecocoast in 2018, Ecolabs is a marine innovation hub designed to foster collaboration with industry leaders, start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop pioneering solutions for a better marine environment.

Ecolabs takes a collaborative approach to protecting and supporting our marine environment, driven by the ethos that no one company or one individual can be responsible for ensuring our marine environment is safe, clean and sustainably managed. Collaboration is key.

Ecolabs works with governments, corporates, scientists and non-profits to combine resources and develop game-changing solutions to make valuable contributions to our marine environment. One of our high-impact collaborations to date includes our work for The Ocean Cleanup. Through Ecolabs, Ecocoast engineered and manufactured the screen for The Ocean Cleanup's System 001, which was launched on September 8, 2018.

In addition, Ecolabs supports entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs to incubate, accelerate and scale their marine solutions – whether it be with funding, technical skills, mentoring, coaching or other specialized capabilities.

Make a difference and work with Ecocoast on developing solutions that will help protect and support our marine environment!

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Ecolabs - Solving the world’s most pressing marine problems.