Beach Cleaning

An end-to-end solution to ensure leisure seekers enjoy the experience that they deserve.

Ecocoast regularly carries out beach cleaning works to create a safe & healthy beach.

Frequency of beach cleaning depends on sand quality, tidal environment, amount of debris and area to be covered. We generally recommend multiple passes with different screen sizes to ensure maximum benefit. Wet beach cleaning can be provided as well up to water depths of 1.5 meters.

A wide range of beach cleaning equipment is available for hire on a daily, weekly, monthly or one-off basis. We are flexible when it comes to scheduling, covering both standard operating hours and after-hours to fit your specific situation.

How does our equipment work? The beach cleaners work by aerating the sand, screening out debris under the surface, and removing debris on top of the surface. The sand is immediately returned to the beach, while the larger debris is removed. More here about the difference between raking and screening machines in our beach cleaning technote.

Since 2014, we have cleaned over 3,000,000 square meters of area and removed over 2,400 cubic meters of debris from beaches, golf courses and racetracks. This equates to over 5,550 tonnes or 54 trailer loads (2020 data). Contact us to learn more!



Beach Maintenance & CleaningBeach Maintenance & Cleaning
TypesBeach Cleaner Cherrington 4500XLBeach Cleaner Cherrington 5500
DescriptionRobust tractor-towed beach cleaner, capable of using multiple sieving screens and a deep operating depth.Robust self-propelled screening machine, featuring the latest lift and screen technology, giving a truly deep clean.

Beach Cleaner (Cherrington 4500XL)

Beach Maintenance & Cleaning

Technical Specifications
NameCherrington 4500XL
Build Year2007
Misc• Hopper capacity 0.9m3
• Hopper lift height 2,500mm
• Max cleaning speed 24km/h
• Max operating depth 200mm

Beach Cleaner (Cherrington 5500)

Beach Maintenance & Cleaning

Technical Specifications
NameCherrington 5500 (2 models)
Width2,794mm (with groomer attached)
Build Year2015
Misc• AWD with 3 wheel (zero turn ability)
• Clearance for road travel (RTA registered)
• Hopper capacity 1.2m3
• Hopper lift height 2,600mm
• Max cleaning speed 14km/h
• Max operating depth 200mm