Published on 19 Sep ‘21
Ecocoast and Bolina contribute to International Coastal Cleanup Day


Ecocoast and Bolina contribute to International Coastal Cleanup Day, which was on September 18, 2021.

Held on the third Saturday of every September, International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC) – this time falling on September 18th, 2021 – is a crucial annual reminder to people to rid the world’s beaches of garbage, while also raising awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting our oceans and waterways.

As concern mounts about the amount of trash littering the world’s coastlines, ocean conservation groups, along with environmental organisations, have initiated International Coastal Cleanup Day – a global movement that now sees six million volunteers across 90 countries do their part in keeping coastlines clean.

Ecocoast and Bolina contribute to International Coastal Cleanup Day
Ecocoast and Bolina contribute to International Coastal Cleanup Day

The most common types of garbage found on beaches include cigarette butts, food wrappers and packaging, plastic straws, bottle caps, and beverage bottles. Plastics are amongst the most common waste items found, and they present an especially harmful threat to both marine ecosystems and wildlife, with the weather and UV rays breaking these plastics down into tiny pieces, so that they get absorbed into the environment and create a disaster that spans across food chains and systems.

According to estimates, there are more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, with the majority of it swept into the sea from the coastline. Therefore, it makes sense to rid the beaches and shorelines of plastic and other garage, before it enters into the water and causes untold damage.

This is where Ecocoast comes in – thanks to our range of beach cleaning solutions, we are often the first port of call by UAE clients for carrying out beach cleaning works and projects. Our range of beach cleaning equipment is capable of being deployed across a variety of terrains and locations, with different screen sizes to ensure maximum benefit. We can also carry out wet beach cleaning up to depths of 1.5 metres. Our beach cleaners work by aerating the sand, screening out debris under the surface, and removing debris on top of the surface – the sand is immediately returned to the beach, while larger debris are removed.

Furthermore, our sister company, Bolina Ltd, has been actively involved in helping stop the spread of plastic in our waterways. It recently carried out a project with DEME, the Belgian marine contractor, to engineer the longest river barrier in Europe, which DEME installed on the river Scheldt in Belgium. The Bolina floating debris boom removes plastic and other floating debris from the tidal river and has been a major success for Bolina and the client, funnelling 218 kilograms of waste a day into the plastic catcher, removing seven tonnes of debris and pollutants a month from the river.

With waterways and oceans facing considerable manmade pollution challenges, it is essential that companies like Ecocoast and Bolina provide cost-effective solutions to tackle the problem. We have been proud partners with Emirates Diving Association on Cleanup Arabia for a number of years, and we intend to work with them again this year.

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