Beach cleaning fleet expansion to help keep UAE beaches clean
Published on 13 Dec ‘20
Beach cleaning fleet expansion to help keep UAE beaches clean
Beach cleaning fleet expansion to help keep UAE beaches clean


Ecocoast expands its beach cleaning fleet to help keep the UAE’s beaches clean ahead of an expected influx of visitors over the coming months.

As the population of the UAE grows every year, so does the amount of waste generated, resulting in an increased demand for its efficient management and treatment. It is estimated that the UAE produces more than 29 million tons of municipal waste every year.

While there are government directives in place to deal with municipal waste in developed areas, there is a significant amount of waste generated across the UAE due to the ignorance and irresponsibility of tourists, campers, and day trippers.

One of the most affected areas is our beaches, which are magnets for residents and tourists alike. With more than 650 kilometres of shoreline, it is extremely challenging to keep these spaces clean, especially when they are an integral part of the country’s appeal to foreign visitors, and thus need to be open and available all year around.

That is why we work closely with our partners and clients to regularly carry out beach cleaning works, using our range of Cherrington beach cleaners, including our recent addition to the fleet – the Weifang Baili Tractor 1104, which is used to pull our Cherrington 4500XL beach cleaner. Included in our fleet is the Cherrington 5500 model, which is a self-propelled beach cleaner with AC cab that comes with groomer attached.

Conducting beach clean up operations is an important part of our ethos as a company, and we work closely with our partners to ensure that we offer a cleaning regime that fits in closely with their specific requirements and situations, covering both standard operating hours and after-hours operations.

Beach cleaning at Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Dubai
Beach cleaning at night

Our machines have spotlights, and our operators are trained to work at night so as to avoid disrupting the beach during the daytime. They are also trained to ensure that the delicate shoreline ecosystems are not damaged – for example, the Cherrington 5500 model has a zero-turn radius, making it perfect to manoeuvre around trees, walkways, and barriers – both man-made and natural.

The beach cleaning service that we offer aims to ensure an efficient method of maintaining safe and high-quality beach, play, sporting and leisure areas and activities. Our machines are capable of removing unwanted debris such as glass, plastic, bottle caps, sharp stones, and even cigarette butts – which are a major polluter and threat to the quality of water and marine life.

The Cherrington models can remove sand and debris from up to 6mm below the surface, screening all debris and loading it into the hopper, while returning the screened and aerated sand to the beach, leaving it clean and well groomed. Furthermore, they are also equipped with cameras to allow the operators a clear view of the screen bed, conveyor system, and the back of the machine.

We also offer wet beach cleaning to clients, with our machines capable of operating in water depths of up to 1.5 metres.

Since 2014, we have cleaned well over 3,000,000 square metres of area and removed more than 2,400 cubic metres of debris from beaches, golf courses and racetracks, equating to more than 5,500 tons of waste, or as much as 54 trailer loads.

Ned Stevanovic

If you would like to know more about our beach cleaning service, download the details here or get in touch with Ned Stevanovic at [email protected] or +971 4 885 3944. Keeping beaches healthy & safe in the UAE since 2009.


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