One of the most advanced, agile and robust waste and data collection vehicles for Smart Cities.

WasteShark has been created to efficiently clean up waste from marine environments. It is one of the world's most technologically advanced waste management solutions.

It collects plastic, rubbish, algae and other debris to tackle marine pollution in lakes, ponds, canals and more heavily trafficked environments, such as marinas, ports and coastlines.

It has been designed to perform in harsh UV environments, such as the Middle East, allowing clients the ability to perform a once mundane and tedious operation with ease and precision.


Benefits of using WasteShark:

  • Easy to use and operate, manual or automatic operation
  • Unmatched performance: Lower operating costs, less manual labour
  • Built for purpose: Covers both large and hard-to-reach areas
  • Dual use: Waste and data collection through sensors

WasteShark is available for purchase, rent or through a service contract to keep disruptions to a minimum. Ecocoast is flexible when it comes to scheduling, covering both standard operating hours and off-peak hours.

To get all technical specifications, click here to visit the Ecobarrier website.