Used to tackle marine pollution -

A waste and data collection robot for Smart Cities.



WasteShark is one of the world's most technologically advanced waste management solutions.

It collects plastic, rubbish, algae and other debris to tackle marine pollution in lakes, ponds, canals and more heavily trafficked environments, such as marinas, ports and coastlines.


ApplicationsTackle marine pollution caused by plastics, rubbish, algae and other debris.


WasteShark Now In The UAE

WasteShark is easy to operate - manual or automatic operation, resulting in lower upfront operating costs, less maintenance and manual labour compared to heavy equipment.

This waste and data collection vehicle is very effective for difficult-to-reach places and smaller areas, and leaves zero carbon footprint while it works. Sensors can be added to continuously gather data about the marine environment, to measure for example water quality, air quality, turbidity.

It is available for purchase, rent or through a service contract.

Technical Specifications Overview
Size[mm] 1556 x 1078 x 450SpeedUp to 3 kph (without thruster guard)
Weight60 kgHull MaterialComposite fiber
Capacity160 liters volumeCameraFOV (16:9) 130 degrees / color
BasketRemovableEnvironment-5 to 60 degrees Celsius
Power Source12V (charger supplied)CO EmissionZero
BMSState of charge / Auto balanceCO2 EmissionZero
Batteries4 x Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe PO4)CH4 EmissionZero
Thrusters3 (rear mounted)