WasteShark Now In The UAE
Published on 29 Jul ‘18
WasteShark – How To Stop Marine Pollution
WasteShark Now In The UAE

The foundation of the Ecocoast brand can be traced back to our founder, Lachlan Jacksonwho identified a need for alternative, sustainable solutions that reduce the impact from construction, land reclamation works and other developments on our marine and coastal environments.

Ecocoast was a pioneer in designing and manufacturing the strongest silt curtain globally, the first to use pile sleeves as an alternative to pile replacement and the first to install sand-filled megacontainers locally. And the spirit of innovation has not stopped. Ecocoast has partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to tackle the issue of ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. 

With our latest launch, we tackle the problem at the source. WasteShark intercepts plastic and other rubbish before it enters the ocean. This waste and data collection vehicle can collect up to 350 kilograms of rubbish (or 180 liters). Once full, it will carry the rubbish to shore, where it can be recycled.

What can the WasteShark collect? How long has it been in operation? Where is it most effective? Is it environmentally-friendly?

Answers to the above questions – and many more – can be found in our latest FAQ fact sheet. Contact our team to request the FAQ fact sheet – https://www.ecocoast.com/contact-us

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