Published on 09 Jul ‘19
A complete Aids to Navigation solution #NavigatingSmart

Finding a trusted, regional partner who can offer a complete marine navigation solution is a daunting task. At Ecocoast, we made it our mission to solve this problem. We recently teamed up with GISMAN to deliver one of the most comprehensive lines of marine Aids to Navigation across the GCC markets, as well as Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. We call our full offering ‘Navigating Smart’.

GISMAN, the pioneering designer and manufacturer of modular navigational buoys with rotationally molded polyethylene floats, has been an active IALA member since 1966, and has successfully installed Aids to Navigation equipment in over 50 countries for over 500 clients worldwide.

Mr. Xavier Aubert, Managing Director at GISMAN commented: “We are very excited to partner with Ecocoast, and look forward to working closely with them to empower their clients with innovative solutions matching all beaconing requirements.”

We now boast a comprehensive range of high quality, performing Aids to Navigation solutions suiting all marine environments to aid safe navigation, demarcate marine and coastal areas, and make it easier for our clients to navigate smarter.

Besides marine buoys, we recently also introduced Ecomoor, the first eco-friendly, next-generation mooring system locally manufactured in the UAE, and Hyperion marine lanterns – a range of self-contained solar LED marine lanterns for demarcation purposes.

We will provide installation and maintenance services regionally, including technical support to assist with model selection and anchoring methodologies.

Find out how to navigate smarter.

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