Bolina Recreation Booms provide safety in the water
Published on 27 Jul ‘21
Bolina Recreation Booms provide safety in the water
Bolina Recreation Booms provide safety in the water


Bolina Recreation Booms provide safety in the water thanks to their high visibility and robustness.

As summer temperatures rise, the number of people taking part in water activities around the world goes up correspondingly as they try to keep cool and enjoy themselves. This is equally true in Dubai, where despite the stifling heat and humidity, tourists and residents are looking to take advantage of open borders, easing COVID-19 constraints, and welcoming hotels and resorts.

However, this means that authorities, hotel staff and other entities need to be vigilant about crowd safety and control when it comes to managing the number of people in the water. In order to do so, they would be best served by deploying demarcation barriers at recreational water areas.

At Ecocoast, we offer a Recreation range that includes Bolina Recreation Booms (REB) made of rotationally moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene of 5mm or 6mm wall thickness. The booms are typically connected by a 16mm diameter nylon/PP rope at a variable 500 – 1000mm spacing.

Bolina Recreation Booms provide safety in the water
Bolina Recreation Booms provide safety in the water

Coming in colours of IALA red, green, orange, black or yellow, these highly visible and effective booms are used as demarcation barriers for recreational areas to deter marine traffic and keep swimmers safe in designated areas. They can also be fitted with nets to stop jellyfish from entering demarcated areas, as some of our clients around the world have done.

The booms come in two float sizes: REB175 Ø175mm x 750mm long and REB300 Ø300mm x 900mm long; and are suitable for both short-and-long-term installations.

The benefits that come with this range of booms is that the high-profile floats have better visibility thanks to their split design. Furthermore, the internal closed cell polyurethane filling ensures that the float will maintain full buoyancy in the unlikely event of the outer float skin being damaged in a heavy collision.

In addition, the quality polyethylene material used for the outer skin is highly resistant to the damaging effects of UV light and colour fade over time, making it ideal for applications in high UV environments such as the UAE.

As we are able to offer our clients a fast lead time, and upon request, the provision of a full service of assembly, installation, and maintenance (together with demarcation lighting for additional safety at night), our Recreation range has become the first choice of the hospitality industry, as well as developers.

The Ecocoast range of recreation products includes swimming barriers, boating & jetski barriers, jellyfish nets. Get in touch to know more

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