kings lynn silt curtain uk
Published on 28 May ‘24
Case Study: Silt Curtain Solution for Kings Lynn Project in the UK
kings lynn silt curtain uk

The Kings Lynn site in the United Kingdom (UK) produces silica for the construction, sports & leisure, and agriculture industries. Recently, the site encountered a challenge: protecting a lagoon from contamination caused by fine silica sand and other sediments. This is where our silt curtain expertise came into play.


The challenge

The Kings Lynn site faced a challenge with protecting a lagoon from contamination. The water entering the lagoon is the overflow from the hydrosizers and hydrocyclones in the sand washing plant, containing very fine silica sand, finer silts and clays. This contamination threatened the integrity of the lagoon and the surrounding environment.

The client, committed to maintaining high environmental standards and minimizing their environmental impact, sought an effective solution to contain the silt without compromising the lagoon’s ecosystem.

Our solution

We were approached through a third party, which had previously worked with us on a project in Norfolk (UK). Leveraging our expertise, we recommended deploying a customized silt curtain solution tailored to address the specific needs of the Kings Lynn site in the UK. The silt curtain was designed to effectively contain the fine silica sand, silts and clays, ensuring minimal environmental impact and optimal performance.

Implementation and results

Upon installation, the silt curtain immediately began to demonstrate its effectiveness. The curtain successfully held back the silt, as seen in the image in the header. The difference in water color is visible, indicating the curtain’s efficiency in containment.

Furthermore, the ‘feed’ image on the left and ‘outlet’ image on the right also provide an illustration of the silt curtain’s performance. The water entering appears opaque due to the high concentration of fine particles. However, the water exiting is completely transparent, showing the curtain’s capability to contain the fine particles effectively.


The implementation of the silt curtain aligns with the Kings Lynn project’s sustainability goals. By effectively containing the elements in the water, the curtain helps maintain the natural state of the lagoon, preventing ecological disruption. This initiative supports the local environment and enhances the overall sustainability profile of the Kings Lynn site.


The successful deployment of the silt curtain at the Kings Lynn site in the UK is a testament to our commitment to providing effective and sustainable solutions. By addressing the client’s needs and exceeding their expectations, we have contributed to the ongoing success and environmental stewardship of the Kings Lynn project.

This case study highlights the importance of innovative and sustainable practices in maintaining ecological balance, while supporting industrial operations.

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