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Published on 11 Jun ‘24
Case Study: Effective Use of Oil Booms in River Clyde Remediation
oil booms river clyde remediation

The client’s project focused on the remediation of a contaminated site along the River Clyde in Scotland. The area had been significantly affected by soil contamination due to hydrocarbons. These were posing a risk to the local environment and water quality. An effective and environmentally responsible solution was required to restore the site and prevent further contamination. Recognizing the critical role of oil booms in managing oil releases during excavation, the client prioritized their deployment as part of the remediation strategy.


The challenge

One of the significant challenges encountered during the project was the risk of oil releases during the excavation process. These releases could have led to environmental spills, causing further damage to the river ecosystem. To address this critical issue, the client relied heavily on our oil booms. They used them to manage and contain any spills effectively and prevent cross-contamination.

Our solution

To tackle the challenge, our oil booms were deployed around the excavation site. The booms were placed strategically to cover all potential spill points around the excavation area. They created a robust barrier that prevented the spread of oil into the surrounding water.

The client implemented continuous monitoring to ensure that any oil releases were quickly detected. They managed them within the contained area created by the oil booms. The use of our oil booms was crucial in maintaining the integrity of the surrounding environment. They also ensured the project’s success by preventing cross-contamination.

Performance and achievements

The performance of the remediation technique was exceptional, partly due to the effectiveness of our oil booms. Key achievements included:

1. Effective containment: The oil booms successfully contained spills, preventing further environmental damage and maintaining the health of the River Clyde ecosystem.

2. Environmental protection: The use of our oil booms ensured that the client was able to remove contaminated soil without causing additional harm to the river and surrounding areas.


This project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our oil booms in environmental remediation practices. Although specific data or metrics are not available, the qualitative outcomes clearly demonstrate the significant impact and reliability of our oil booms in protecting the River Clyde’s ecosystem.

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