Contributing to the United Nations Global Goal #4

20th Jan 2019
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CONTRIBUTING TO THE UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL GOALS – the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We, at Ecocoast, are committed to doing our part. We recognize that the SDGs are an important development in global efforts to make a positive difference to the most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges in the world today.

Through our marine innovation lab, Ecolabs, designed to develop pioneering solutions to solve the world’s most pressing marine problems, we support marine industry SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs by equipping them with the tools required to bring their ideas and product solutions to the market – whether it be with technical skills, mentoring, coaching or other specialized capabilities.

Our next step is to start involving universities in the UAE, by for example offering a mentoring program to students studying in the marine industry.

Learn more about Ecolabs here: And download here the PDF showing how else we support the UN Global Goals.