Floating swim & dive platform
Published on 13 Jan ‘19
Floating swim & dive platform at Waldorf
Floating swim & dive platform

Last year, Ecocoast designed and installed a 4m x 6m secured floating swim and dive platform at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah. Made up of modular floating pontoons and finished with wood composite decking, the floating swim and dive platform has the advantage that it can easily be dismantled and reinstalled.

Floating swimming & diving platform

Modular floating pontoons are incredibly versatile. They can be assembled in an indefinite variety of shapes and sizes, and a diverse range of accessories can be fitted to them to extend their use further, such as timber or steel decking, railing posts, access ladders, rubber fenders and many more.

Having extensive experience with marine events, the Ecocoast team has designed and installed a vast array of modular pontoon systems for recreational, commercial and private use. The modular units have been used for events like fireworks displays (eg. UAE National Day), sporting competitions (eg. ITU World Triathlon), dance parties (eg. Wet & Wild at Barasti), fashion events (eg. Chanel) and other water themed events (eg. Splash Yas Marina).

If you would like to know more about our events services, view our events page or contact us here for further information.

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