Customization Is The New Black In The Marine Industry
Published on 26 Apr ‘20
Customization: The new black in the marine industry
Customization Is The New Black In The Marine Industry

Customization Is The New Black In The Marine Industry

Mass customization has become a trend for us in recent years, whether it is designing and manufacturing unique marine products for clients, or products that clients can configure to their needs. We have been seeing a huge spike in requirements globally for high-strength, engineered marine barriers that are fit-for-purpose. Customization is without doubt the new black in the marine industry.

As marine projects become more ambitious and marine issues more challenging, the need for customized engineered solutions is only increasing. Our recent project in Hatta, the United Arab Emirates, is a perfect example of that. We were approached to protect the existing Hatta Dam lake during the construction of a hydro power plant – the first of its kind power project in the GCC – designed to use and store water from the Hatta Dam for generating electricity during peak demand periods.

Full customization of our marine protection barriers was a necessity for this project, due to the parabolic surface of the dam and the seasonal meteorological influences (e.g. significant rise of water level during the rain season). Besides Drop Flex, our unique modular connection system, the design of the marine protection barriers involved several other innovative, site-specific adaptations.

The fully customized marine protection barriers were successfully installed to ensure the water quality of the lake will not be affected during the construction works, including aids to navigation equipment to mark the sensitive areas around the lake.

The change to customization often seems to be fueled by increasing awareness regarding environment degradation, new environmental regulations around the globe, and new purposes such as The Ocean Cleanup requiring high-strength marine barriers to preserve and protect the natural ocean environment.

Our objective is to make customization the new normal – a standard and efficient part of the design process that saves time and money while resulting in a high performance product. To make this possible, we have been investing in bespoke technology such as our in-house software, Marineforce, as well as our automated cutting equipment and lean manufacturing processes.

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