Drop Flex, unique modular connection system
Published on 20 Apr ‘20
Drop Flex, a unique modular connection system for marine barriers
Drop Flex, unique modular connection system

Introducing Drop Flex, A Unique Modular Connection System For Marine Barriers

Our new marine protection portfolio introduces an engineering innovation that will increase the lifespan and utility of marine barriers, significantly lowering lifetime operating costs and reducing waste. It features a completely new, unique modular connection system, Drop Flex.

We have been offering Drop Flex on a bespoke basis for many years, however, are now making it available as a standard part of our offering. So from now on, it is possible for the first time for all our clients to configure their own designs, attaching skirts with different drops in a number of sizes to the marine barrier float using either clasp locker technology or stud system, depending on the required environmental and operational conditions of their project.

The modular connection system allows clients to create bespoke barriers themselves with interchangeable depths that meet their environmental and operational requirements, and also maximizes the lifespan of the barriers, enabling our heavy-duty barriers to be more easily used on multiple job sites with different water depths and environmental conditions.

As it is especially in times like these – with the critical global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic – more challenging to work on site, the modular system offers a high level of flexibility and makes it easy to swap the skirt when moving to another job site. Operations continuity is not an option in many industries, even in the current climate. So, whenever high strength marine protection barriers are needed, Drop Flex provides a flexible and robust solution.

Our modular marine barriers have been installed around power plants and dredging activities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates; stopping mass amounts of floating debris at the Larji Dam in India, in the GCC and Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Integration and customization options are also available: Demarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1, marine buoys, anchoring, reflective systems.

Drop Flex is now available and can be ordered. Contact us for further information.

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