Moorforce, Our Advanced Mooring Calculator, Has Now Been Launched
Published on 28 Apr ‘20
Moorforce, our advanced mooring calculator, has now been launched
Moorforce, Our Advanced Mooring Calculator, Has Now Been Launched

Moorforce, Our Advanced Mooring Calculator, Is Now Live

In addition to our Marineforce software used to calculate forces on marine barriers, we recently also launched Moorforce. Moorforce is an easy-to-use, advanced mooring software that is designed to understand the forces placed on marine buoys and aid mooring requirements, based on a set of environmental parameters. It can be used as a guide to determine the required specifications of mooring lines and blocks for anchoring of buoys.

Moorforce is the most advanced mooring calculator developed to date for the Aids to Navigation (AtoN) market. In addition to using IALA guidelines, Moorforce also uses various time-history dynamic analysis and second order analysis, taking into account the equilibrium of external loads and internal forces on the deformed configuration of the structure, resulting in improved accuracy. It looks at wave load, current load and wind load, considering worst-case scenarios.

Besides Ecobarrier and GISMAN buoys, calculations can be done for any existing buoy available on the market. Moorforce calculations will be offered for free to our clients.

Ecocoast benefits & perks:

  1. A complete marine navigation solution to aid safe navigation worldwide: Ecobarrier and GISMAN buoys up to 3,000mm dia, Hyperion marine lanterns for demarcation purposes, and mooring systems including Ecomoor, the next-generation of mooring systems.
  2. Specialized advice and support, identifying the right specifications and designing navigation requirements, as per IALA norm requirements to guarantee safe navigation, unmatched by any other supplier. Being operational for over 150 years and an IALA industrial member since 1966, GISMAN has the longest experience in the market.
  3. Free mooring calculations with Moorforce, our advanced calculator software.

Get in touch for assistance with your force calculations or to schedule a demo with our team through ZOOM. Key clients will have exclusive access to our Moorforce software, where they’ll be able to do their own force calculations.


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