Published on 21 Feb ‘21
Ecocoast helps Tornado Rover Alcisa deliver Yas Island project


Learn how Ecocoast helps Tornado Rover Alcisa deliver on a challenging Yas Island project.

Ecocoast was recently approached by Tornado Rover Alcisa (TRV) for a project on Yas Island in the UAE, where the launching facilities for pleasure boats and other watercraft were being upgraded. This is part of a larger project TRV is working on for the Department of Transport, Abu Dhabi.

Our client had been instructed by the Environmental Agency, Abu Dhabi (EAD) to install silt curtains to control silt sedimentation when carrying out the dredging works executed at the Yas Island facility. EAD requested the installation of a silt curtain to avoid the dredging plume impacting on the marine and lagoon ecosystems nearby.

Ecocoast enjoys a strong reputation as a recommended manufacturer for silt curtains in the UAE. Positive recommendations by other international dredging contractors who have worked with us before, helped TRV to appoint us for this job.

As a result, they asked us to come on board the project and utilise our experience and technical understanding to engineer the full silt curtain layout. Pleasingly, we were able to provide a sound solution – a perimetral double-layer silt curtain – that fit within their project budget.

To start off, we studied the full project and provided detailed anchoring and mooring calculations before recommending silt curtains for the project. Taking into consideration the environmental conditions, project budget, layout, and project duration, we recommended a custom Type II Ecobarrier Silt Curtain: ESC-150. In addition, we also provided demarcation buoys and marine lanterns for the project.

As part of our role on the project, we worked with TRV to provide support during the installation process, along with onsite support, removal, and disposal services.

Ecocoast helps Tornado Rover Alcisa deliver Yas Island project
Ecocoast helps Tornado Rover Alcisa deliver Yas Island project

Ecocoast also took full responsibility for the curtains, which was convenient for the client because all they then needed to do was arrange the work permits. The team was in full communication with the project manager to ensure that the work being done was aligned with requirements. All the dates for delivery, installation and removal were established weeks in advance, to ensure that the work went smoothly.

The project required extensive planning by the team as there were many constraints facing them. Specifically, they only had a timeframe of a couple of hours to deploy the silt curtains in the water due to the low sea levels during LAT and mid-tide. These conditions only gave the team a couple of hours every day in which they could approach the shore via boat.

The key to our successful delivery of this project was communication – we followed up with the project manager on a regular basis and provided installation, removal, and disposal on time, without any delays. As a result, the client’s feedback has been that they are extremely happy with our services and have promised to work with us on all future projects.

In fact, the project manager has mentioned that they are not used to being provided with such level of service, in terms of delivering on what was promised, when it was promised, and that they are usually chasing companies due to being late on delivery. We are proud to have made another client incredibly happy!

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