New Ecobarrier Light Buoys (ELB-650) Are Now Demarcating Coastal Areas in Dubai At Night
Published on 12 Jul ‘20
Ecobarrier Light Buoys now demarcating coastal areas at night
New Ecobarrier Light Buoys (ELB-650) Are Now Demarcating Coastal Areas in Dubai At Night

New Ecobarrier Light Buoys Are Now Demarcating Coastal Areas in Dubai At Night

One of our latest developments include Ecobarrier Light Buoys ELB-650 with light inside the core of the buoys, making them glow in the dark. This relatively new product can already be seen along Dubai’s coastline. The new Ecobarrier Light Buoys have recently been installed at a resort to demarcate its coastal area and enhance the visibility of its swimming barriers at night and in the early morning hours.

The glow-in-the-dark ELB-650 Ecobarrier Light Buoy also comes in a bigger version (ELB-750) with a 1,450mm focal plane height, and can be customized for regulatory use to identify dangerous or restricted areas, or for branding purposes.

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Further benefits include:

  1. Easy to use, transport and install, as the Ecobarrier Light Buoys are small and lightweight.
  2. They have the longest possible lifetime compared to luminous paint, and are harmless to marine life.
  3. The availability of the latest technology, Moorforce, to understand the forces placed on the buoys and aid mooring requirements.

Pioneering engineered solutions for sustainable coastal and marine development is part of our DNA at Ecocoast. Our objective since the launch of our business has always been to be the first to market, stay ahead and lead. We find our inspiration in constantly challenging the status quo, surpassing old and tired designs. It continuously drives our product development, either through improving existing products or creating new products. This is engrained in our culture through our core purpose of pioneering.

If you would like to know more about the Ecobarrier Light Buoys, please email [email protected] / call +971.4.8853944 or your Ecocoast Account Manager.

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